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A Bit About Dr Isayvani Naicker 

A transdicplinary scientist and engaged scholar with a  PhD in Geography (Science Policy) from the University of Cambridge and MSc (Geology) from the University of  Cape Town and MSc (Philosophy of Social Sciences) from the London School of Economics. She is a member of various international research networks and has worked closely with senior scientists and policymakers globally

A senior professional and official with over 20 years’ expertise in developing funding and partnership platforms, strategic international and government to government partnerships, resource mobilisation support, strategic advocacy,  policy consultation,  public policy evaluation, research and policy advice in the area of science, technology and innovation.

Selected roles include, Director of Strategy and Partnerships at the  African Academy of Sciences (2018-2021) a pan African organisation based in Nairobi, Kenya and  Chief Director of International Resources at the South African Department of Science and Technology (now Science and Innovation - DSI) (2012-2018) 

Member of the following Advisory Boards:

International Supervisory Committee (ISC) to the NWA Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Interactions and Policy Interventions in Developing Countries research programme (2021-2026)

Global Biodiversity Information Facility Biodiversity Knowledge Alliance Steering Group


UN Research Roadmap for the COVID-19 Recovery – Social Protection Steering Group (2020-2021)

African Centers of Excellence (ACE) Partners academic and scientific council (2018-2020)


Eastern African Regional Advisory Board DFID Knowledge Systems Innovation Project (2018-2020)

Member of Journal Editorial Boards: 

The African Journal of Information and Communication

Royal Society Open Science

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